early eating: don't get discouraged mamas!

early eating: don't get discouraged mamas!

It’s really easy to get discouraged when you are transitioning your babies to solid foods and even more when you start trying to give them different types of food. One thing that I heard over and over in the course of transitioning the girls to solids was that you should let your kids try new foods many times before deciding that they don’t like them. That is much easier said then done though – there’s nothing worse than feeling like your baby is unhappy with their food or isn’t eating enough. That being said, one of the most interesting things about twins is that you get to have two entirely different reactions and experiences at the exact same time. So this week’s blog is basically sharing that experience with you in hopes that it will help you in your journey to help your littles develop a healthy diet. Below I’m sharing a video of the girls’ very first bites of solid food. It wasn’t necessarily warmly received, as you’ll see, but Indiana gave us hope. Thank goodness we didn’t start with Scout, who got violently angry and vomited – honestly this might be a different blog But my hope is that whether you have a Scout or an Indiana, this will help you to not get discouraged or lose hope! Your kiddos have to learn to eat and appreciate food just like everything else and they will totally go on to have full and healthy diets!


In follow-up – after only a month, this was Indiana eating sweet potatoes, her absolute favorite food to show you that showmanship is certainly not lost on babies

And as for Scout, who so aggressively hated her first bite of solid foods, within months she loved not only her rice cereal, but a multitude of vegetables like spinach and beets too!

Those first reactions to food were repeated again and again as we tried new foods and new textures but ultimately through repetition, trying foods different ways, and sheer orneriness (on my part), I’m happy to say that the girls eat and love a very wide and eclectic variety of food;)

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