Handmade with Love in Arlington

Handmade with Love in Arlington

A little known fact about Scout & Indiana is that every. single. thing that we sell is hand constructed in our studio in Arlington, VA.  We press every shirt that is shipped, hand paint every jean jacket, and hand cut, pin, and sew every bomber jacket we sell.  And by we, I mean me, Emily Ullo Steigler, the hands and heart behind this little company ;)  The holiday shopping season is upon us so I just thought I'd take a minute to give you a glimpse into the S&I studio and the construction of our latest launch, Kids Bomber Jackets with Patches.  

Each jacket is made from Black Scuba Neoprene (or Grey Wool, depending on your selection), a cotton spandex sateen (used for the lining and the pockets), and a rib knit (for the collar, cuffs, and waistband).

 Each piece of the pattern (which was created by Sew A Little Seam) is hand pinned and cut to the necessary size.

From there, the lining is serged together, the pocket welt is constructed, and the outer jacket is assembled and sewn (all but the sleeves).

I have to leave the sleeves and jacket open at this point so that I can iron on the patches and reinforce them with some stitching so they'll stand up to the everyday life of our littles ;)  Once all the patches are sew on in position I close up the sleeves and sides of the jacket so it starts to look like more like an actual jacket.

From then on, its all about the details - the waistband is attached, the zipper is placed, and the collar and cuffs are added.

 The lining is attached and the some topstitching detail is added for that little extra something ;)

Then I give the whole piece a quality check, wrap it up, and send it out to its new owner.  Each bomber jacket is constructed with lots of love and such gratefulness to be able to be doing what I love, so it's kind of like investing in a jacket that your hug your kiddo daily ;) 

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