national ice-cream day: mint icecream recipe!

national ice-cream day: mint icecream recipe!

We find most made up national holidays silly, but ones that involve food tend to give us pause.  And National Icecream Day is definitely a day we're happy to make the time to celebrate  So today, we kicked our blog butt back in gear to bring you this amaaaaazeballs homemade icecream recipe, courtesy of my mom.  It's an adaptation of the candy cane icecream recipes that you've probably seen and really came about as an awesomely happy accident.  The best part about it (well the second best really because the first is definitely eating it!) is that it's only two ingredients.  Yup that's right and they are easy ingredients at that!  The recipe and notes/helpful hints are below - we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

2 cups of 2% milk

~8-oz spearmint candy 

Combine the candies and the milk in a bowl and refrigerate for approximately 48 hours before you want to make the icecream.  You will have to stir the mixture periodically as necessary to ensure that the candies fully dissolve in the milk.

Pour the mixture into your icecream maker and let that puppy do the heavy lifting  But you'll definitely want to be the person who scoops the actual icecream out so you get some because this sh*t is FRESH!!!

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