our 5 favorite books…this week anyway…

our 5 favorite books…this week anyway…

The one thing that is pretty much a certain in our house regardless of what kind of mayhem has riddled the day, is reading a book before bed. The girls love it, as so do I because who doesn’t need a little ridiculous light reading on the daily. Kid books are like anything though, they can get kind of stale and it can be hard to venture outside your routine, which is why I LOVE when friends and family pass on a book that is one of their family favorites. I am a little picky about which books get into the rotation though because as any parent knows, if you give a kid a book…you’re probably going to have to read it every night for the next three months. (That’s an If You Give A Mouse A Cookie reference, anyone? ;)) So anyway, here’s the breakdown of our mini’s top picks – Indiana, Rad Like Dad, is all about dragons and their love for tacos and also frogs….boy does that kid love frogs (more on that in a minute). Scout, as the first member of my clone army, is all about disgruntled farm animals and of course, her beloved bunny. The 5th pick, is a definite kid favorite, and I stress kid because I definitely wouldn’t be heartbroken if it went to a library upstate, but it’s really great for the kids on several levels, which is why I let it slide.

5. Do Cows Meow? By Salina Yoon There is no plot to this book and it’s not even that funny, BUT – it does have some awesome elements for kids. Mainly, farm animals, farm animal sounds, and most importantly, the ability for kids to interact with it and play with the pages while you are reading it. As you can see, this mouse’s face has been torn off many a time, but hey, it keeps the kids happy, right?

4. I Don’t Want to Be A Frog, By Mike Boldt

I’ll be honest, this book was not initially my favorite, although the kids do love what they believe to be a dog (*actually a wolf) at the end of the story. What makes this one for us is the fact that Indiana pronounces ‘ROG’ a lot like ‘UCK’, to which I say ‘No one waaaants to be a F*ROG* Indiana, no one’. It’s pretty entertaining to listen to her read and ask about it, and it makes me laugh a lot, which is why people have kids, I think.

3. Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale, By Mo Willems

No joke here really, this book is just rad – as are all Mo Willems publications. Check out the Pigeon series if you for some reason have yet to experience these literary marvals. They are the best. Like ever.

2. Dragons Love Tacos, By Adam Rubin

We love general silliness but life lessons are important too. This book has both! Because understanding how a dragon with tummy troubles could negatively impact your safe space has real life applications in our opinion.

1. Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type, By Doreen Cronin

The girls LOVE this book for multiple reasons – it has animals, it has silliness, and most importantly it has a cow butt – it’s really the perfect kid trifecta. They both love this entire book (and quote it randomly throughout the day in weird, almost accurate situations) – but Scout mainly loves making whoever is reading it say ‘cow butt’ at least once during the course of the story (by repeatedly asking ‘What’s that?’ on the appropriate page…ten times in a row). She is definitely my mini, but cow butts are funny, I don’t care who you are.

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